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To whom much is given, much will be required

Our Hallmarks


Scholars will engage in an accelerated curriculum to eliminate the achievement gap, work above grade level, and excel in at least four Advanced Placement courses before high school graduation.

Gifts + Interests

Scholars will discover and develop their unique gifts and interests and connect what they learn to fulfill the purposes for which they were created.

Real World Application

Scholars will articulate how the knowledge and skills they master are used to positively impact their community, country, and world.

Core Values

Scholars will be stewards of the abilities they develop to combine them with their unique passions and gifts to serve humanity. They will demonstrate respect and humility, integrity, compassion and empathy, optimism and hope, wisdom and truth, stewardship and restoration, and perseverance and excellence.


Our Core Values

Respect + Humility

To be fulfilled, we must orient ourselves accurately to the world. We must realize that we are not the center of the universe and that moral laws, physical laws, social norms, and positions of authority exist. This awareness is the foundation for justice, goodness, and peace. It focuses on and accurately recognizes the value in others, which fosters an appreciation of the beauty and blessings around us and a sense of gratitude within us. This inspires the way we see and interact with our students, their families, our co-workers, others in our organization, and the greater community.


Integrity means oneness—being complete, whole, and true to oneself. Just as we are surrounded by beauty and goodness that deserve appreciation, each of us has infinite value within us. We must discover and be true to who we were created to be, and empower each other and our students to do the same. The unique and diverse cultures, perceptions, personalities, passions, zest for life, sense of humor, abilities, interests, and the capacity to lead and influence provide a rich array of authentic community that is only full when all are truly themselves.

Compassion + Empathy

This means being sacrificially committed to the well-being of others. It includes a willingness to identify with others, share their struggles and their triumphs, and deeply understand the source of both. It manifests itself in seeking to understand the motivations and perceptions of others, and how they perceive us. It requires assuming the best about others, seeing the best in others, and hoping the best for others—all others. This forges an inseparable, synergistic bond between every individual in our organization, each student, each family, and individuals in our community. It also is the primary motivator for our collective efforts to empower ourselves and each other to empower others.

Optimism + Hope

Regardless of circumstances, we will remain courageously focused on what is good, what is right, what is pure, what is noble, what is excellent, what is praiseworthy, what is admirable, what is possible—and how to make these ideals the reality for our students, our families, our co-workers, others in our organization, and the greater community and world.

Stewardship + Restoration

Scarcity is a reality in our world. We will respect and enhance the value of the finite resources in our organization, community, and world.

Wisdom + Truth

We will respect and adhere to time-tested principles and truths while suspending judgment in order to think deeply about their nuanced applications in a complex world. We will demonstrate curiosity about the world in which we live and the people with whom we live. We will develop an acute awareness of the injustices in our communities and in our world in greatest need of restoration. We will consider multiple perspectives and multiple facets of them, and balance creativity and logic in exploring their causes and most strategic solutions—including the specific actions to be taken, outcomes to be achieved, resources to be used, and people to invest.

Perseverance + Excellence

We will become who we were created to be and do what we have been empowered to do in our community and in our world. We will overcome obstacles and exhaust all options to fulfill our commitments at the highest level of quality and demonstrate excellence in all our endeavors. This will require urgent, sustained hard work. It will require silencing distractions around us and inside of us. It will involve self-discipline and self-control, diligence and determination, tenacity, and delayed gratification.


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