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About Us

Our Mission

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Our Vision

Our Hallmarks


Scholars will engage in an accelerated curriculum to eliminate the achievement gap, work above grade level, and excel in at least four Advanced Placement courses before high school graduation.

Gifts + Interests

Scholars will discover and develop their unique gifts and interests and connect what they learn to fulfill the purposes for which they were created.

Real World Application

Scholars will articulate how the knowledge and skills they master are used to positively impact their community, country, and world.

Core Values

Scholars will be stewards of the abilities they develop to combine them with their unique passions and gifts to serve humanity. They will demonstrate respect and humility, integrity, compassion and empathy, optimism and hope, wisdom and truth, stewardship and restoration, and perseverance and excellence.


Our Core Values

Respect + Humility


Compassion + Empathy

Optimism + Hope

Stewardship + Restoration

Wisdom + Truth

Perseverance + Excellence


It’s more than an education, it’s experience for their lifetime

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