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Elementary School

The foundations you build with your child today become the tools they use to build the life they dream of in the future.

We believe in setting our scholars up for success by establishing a long-term plan and vision of mastery starting in our elementary schools. Our curriculum is carefully aligned with Arizona’s Career and College Readiness standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, and pre-advanced placement courses for Social Studies.

We’re committed to empowering our teachers and providing them with the resources needed to facilitate mastery and real-world application of knowledge and skills outlined in our long-term plan. Our teachers utilize a range of resources, including those purchased by the school, to create learning plans that align with our scholars’ gifts, interests, and passions.


Let's Get Active!

The Digital Age

Technology Class

Health + Wellness

Sports + P.E.


Music + Art

Tutoring + Clubs

After School Programs

It’s not only important what you learn…but where you learn as well

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s more than an education, it’s experience for their lifetime

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