“Empower College Prep was never meant to be just a school. It was always meant to be a movement of teachers partnering with parents to transform the educational and life opportunities of their children, and to empower these children to transform their community, their country, and their world.”                                                                     
  –Founder/Director Brian Holman

The mission of Empower College Prep is to empower children to:

  • Compete academically with students from any school in the country,
  • Combine class lessons with scholars’ unique gifts and interests to solve real-world problems, and
  • Internalize the values necessary to excel in college, maximize one’s impact in the world, and fulfill the purpose for which each child was created.pic2

We will know we have achieved our mission because when students graduate they will have:

  • Received college credit for at least 8 Advanced Placement classes
    in Science, Math, English/Language Arts, and Social Studies.
  • Identified their university, major, and potential careers.
  • Collectively earned over $2 million in scholarships.
  • Demonstrated in all that they do the empowering values of: respect and humility, integrity, compassion and empathy, optimism and hope, stewardship and restoration, wisdom and truth, and perseverance and excellence.

Empower Collegiate Academy now open serving grade 9